Enterprise Custom Ecommerce Development

#1 – Best Practices Ecommerce Design & SEO

enterpriStore is the 4th generation Ecommerce platform from Logistica Solutions Inc.
  • Our feature set rivals any Ecommerce platform on the market today at lower price points.
  • Our niche market is custom Ecommerce platforms for companies that need their Ecommerce site to do exactly as they desire.
  • Our customers need very specific customization’s and with the ability to interface with their Accounting / ERP systems.

Imagine the best features from thousands of successful ecommerce platforms in one place. Each page designed with these practices from the bottom …

  • Nothing succeeds like success!

Optimized shortest path routing of shipments from multiple ship from locations based on size and quantities.

  • Instant “Live” Quotes
  • Gives Parcel or LTL quote or both
  • Free shipping thresholds
  • Up Sells – Cross Sells
  • Special, Coupons & Discounts
  • Recent History
  • Product Reviews
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Social Networking
  • 100% Customer Site Tracking
  • Buy 3 And Get 1 Free

Complete “My Accounts” area for your customer and your Customer Services representative.

  • Present a First Class Customer interface and obtain and retain your customers.
Responsive Design Mobile Ecommerce Platform
The layout and content is responsive based on the size of the screen it’s presented on. Our site automatically adjusts for the best viewing on any device. Using responsive web design your store will provide an optimal experience for all screen sizes
img1 Ecommerce home
Custom Programming
  • Custom Ecommerce site programming is for companies who realize that their web presence must provide the most user friendly environment for their customers. They know their customers and are upgrading from a previous Ecommerce platform that couldn’t keep pace with their vision.
  • Our customers want very specific look and feel and functionality. They layout every page on the site with exactly what they know will generate higher conversion rates.
  • Our customers and their new features requirements have created an Ecommerce platform that is much more robust than we could of imagined or created without their input. Our customers have created a masterpiece.
  • Ecommerce – we have learned – is not one product fits all.

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